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Mind-full Moments

Too busy "thinking", I wasn't "doing".

At some point, I found myself swimming in thoughts. Too many thoughts if I must be honest. Thoughts that triggered all types of emotions, good and bad. I found myself trying to hush them somehow by keeping myself busy. We all know that "busy" is not always translated to productive, so things seemingly turned chaotic rather than soothed me from these thoughts of what seemed like every possible thing that could occupy my brain space at one time. I found myself scattered here and there, half accomplishing the things that I needed to get done with focus that I clearly didn't have.

What was the problem? Some sort of overload of being bombarded day in and day out with information. A constant reminder of what things should be like, what they should look like, how life was supposed to be, and most taunting of all, how far I seemed to be away from being even remotely close to these images hammered in my mind everyday. 

What I didn't realize was how paralyzing thinking too much is! Nothing is more frustrating than having a list full of to-do's and accomplishing none because you are too distracted with the how's and the why's to even make the first move to get them started.