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Don't Be Blind to the Bullsh*t!!

So, I had a revelation y'all...

In other words, I had to back all the way up to really take a look at things happening with me in my little world. Ish was getting real shaky. I was losing my grip on things I once had a tight hold on. My motivation was fading, my job was lacking, my relationship was failing, my health was a struggle, I wasn't getting enough sleep. My focus had gone completely missing y'all... I barely did things that usually would be my main priorities. I got stuck in this rat wheel for some time, just going with the motions. Not realizing I rolled my wheel way off into no mans land, and loss track of WHY I was rolling on the wheel in the first place. Like mam, where are we going? I had to check myself because I felt so far away from ME and what I really wanted, and who I wanted to be.

"Something has got to give!"

It's amazing how you can be completely oblivious to what you're suffering through or from. It's easy to get stuck in the "motions" of life. Too often we overlook the red-flags or warning signals that something isn't right! We get so used to "chucking things up to life", that we don't always realize, and even neglect the fact that we actually have more power than we believe to control things in our lives.

"And if you don't know, now you know..." (insert remaining Biggie lyrics, y'all know the rest.)

I really had to start questioning EVERYTHING. The assessment of all the building blocks making up my life had to get checked. I came to the conclusion that I had to make some serious changes in all areas of my life! Unfortunately, that meant some things and people would NOT be moving on with me to the next chapter, as I had to turn the page on my life. SOMETIMES, the problem is dead weight. Weight on your body, weight from stagnant relationships, friendships, old habits not getting you anywhere. Dead end jobs, not serving you or your passion or purpose, and the list goes on. Holding on to junk (physical and mental) that has absolutely NO room or purpose in your life will definitely have you sluggishly dragging on wasting valuable time, that you won't be getting back might I add... and aint nobody got time for that!

"You never know how bad you feel until you start feeling better!" It's so important to step back sometimes to self check yourself and things in your life. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and even socially things can get tricky from time to time. To achieve real balance it's necessary to look at the entire structure of your life to evenly distribute the weight!

My revelation caused me to stop normalizing dysfunction. I don't know who needs to read this but, see the BS in your life as it is and make a change. Your future self will thank you for it.

Remove, cut, shift, rearrange, and add as needed! #mindbodysoul

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